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Mattresses made to fit

made-to-measure Mattresses Mid range Mattresses Mid Range Mattress

On our value range we use a open coil spring unit, with different amount of filling.

Our Mid range mattresses use a open coil spring unit with a deeper quilting and mix of Damask covers.

The spring in a Orthopaedic mattress is thicker (so more resistant to pressure and weight ) Also the filling is denser so making firmer feel.

Pocket-Springs work independently of each other, attached only by a cloth bag. Giving a better and more even sleep system.

Space-age technology, with either  Pocket-springs or open coil springs

Breathable and P.V.C water-proof mattress when most needed. Open coil springs come as standard

Mattress Range ~ Open coil ~ Pocket sprung ~ Memory foam ~ Water proof ~

At House 2 Home we sell a range of quality mattresses at affordable prices.  Open coil, Orthopaedic, Pocket-Sprung, Memory foam, Water-proof, Made-to-measure.  You will always find a mattresses for you   Guaranteed      

Please ring Tel: 0151 475 6857 or 07951774933 for help or advise regarding any item you see / to order, thanks

Some of the mattress colours/pattens differ form the picture,but the quality is always the same.

 Also you have to specify base colour when ordering, if not we will send standard cover.  Thank you  

Mattresses Starter Mattress

On our Starter range we use a open coil spring unit, with different amount of filling.